Course Syllabus

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Learn 200+ Skills in MS-CIT

This course offers the following modules:

Typing SkillsScientific method of errorless typing in English/Devanagari (Marathi/ Hindi)
21st Century Job SkillsKnowledge of Office Automation tools to work effectively and smartly at workplace
21st Century Daily Life Skills Websites and AppsFor managing and living a better quality of life with the help of various mobile apps and websites
21st Century Citizenship SkillsTo become a responsible citizen and avail various Government Services/Schemes
21st Century Study SkillsTransform to style of studying in 21st Century and getting its benefits to the fullest
IT Concepts and General AwarenessVarious Information Technology Concepts and Awareness about inventions and discoveries
Go GreenNorms of eco-friendly use of computers
ErgonomicsNorms of using computer in a healthy way
Scripting SkillsTo Literacy about various novice friendly programming languages
NetiquettesEtiquettes for decent behavior in the Cyber world
Cybersecurity SkillsTo educate about risks in the cyber world, and best practices for maintaining safety and security

D.i.i.T Computer Center   &
Typing Institute,  Paranda

Mode Total Fee (Rupees) 1st Installment
2nd Installment
Single Installment 3800 3800 N/A
Two Installments 4000 2000 2000

Total fee is including of Course fees, Examination fees and Certification fees

!!आपले स्वागत आहे !!
आमच्या D.i.i.T नौकरी मार्गदर्शन केंद्रामध्ये.
मी काही मदत करू शकतो का ?
१) मला शासकीय नौकरी माहिती अचूक मिळत नाही.
फॉर्म कसा भरावा ? कोठे भरावा ? सत्य आहे का नाही ?
अशा अनेक शंकांचे निवारण करण्यासाठी आपल्या शहरातील आमचे D.i.i.T मदत केंद्र शोधा.
२) नवीन / जुने आधार ,मतदान कार्ड , Pan कार्ड त्वरित काढून मिळेल.
३) शासकीय सेवा सुविधा माहिती अचूक पणे मिळेल.
४) अन्य नवीन माहिती हवी आहे ना ? मग चला
८३०८११८७८८ फोन करा.